Recent Feedback:

YAY! This is one of the most functional items I have in my home! Every piece of jewelry is accessible, easy to arrange according to one’s own organization desires, and certainly a great-looking product, whether it’s on the back of a door inside the closet, or even displayed in a bedroom! Plenty of space…in fact, room for lots more jewelry! I’m going shopping! THANK YOU!!
– Sue


Love it!!
If you have as much jewelry as I do you need this organizer. Everything is where you can see and don’t have to go digging around in drawers to find what you want. With all your jewelry on it, it looks like a piece of artwork…
– organized clutter


Considering it? BUY IT!
This is beyond functional. Love, love, love it. Can’t think of a bad thing to say about it, well, okay one thing, it was hard to lift and put on the door – but only because I filled it first and then tried to lift it.
– Jeansicola


A great way to display your jewelry. I love being able to see all my jewelry at a glance instead of looking through drawers of a jewelry box. I forget what all I have if I can’t see it! I hung it on the back of my bedroom door and it’s out of the way until I need it. Great idea!
– Jewelry Lover


I purchased my organizer a few months ago…
and absolutely love it. I honestly don’t know how I survived without it. “Accessorizing” my life is some much easier because my pieces are well organized in a way that makes getting dressed exciting and fun!
Thanks – Lisa T.


It’s everything it says and more
I purchased the jewelry organizer for my granddaughter and she loves it. Not only does it make her jewelry organized and accessible, it also looks very attractive in her room. I might get one for myself.
– Mary the Neatnik


Awesome display
I purchased for my teenage daughter who has tons of jewelry, earrings, etc and it looks so pretty in her room as it adds color and design while displaying her colletion. I would recommend this highly!
– Connie


I can’t wait to start organizing my jewelry!!!… I have 3 or 4 jewelry boxes and I struggle to find pieces and when I do find them… they’re all tangled. I’m so glad that I found this
organizer! Oh and trust me I’m going to show it to all my girlfriends… I’m pretty sure they’ll consider getting one!! Thanks again….
– Gaby


Thanks again. I’m finally getting my jewelry organized after years of not knowing what’s stuck in the back of the dresser drawer.
– Leslie


Excellent Product!
I bought this as a gift for my teenage daughter and she loves it! She couldn’t wait until we put it on the wall. Now all of her jewelry is organized!
– Amy – Mom to Three


A friend saw mine and I ordered one for her as a gift. Now a neighbor wants one too. This is a great item and I have to tell you, you will discover jewelry items you had forgotten as you fill this up with your stuff from drawers, boxes, etc.
– Jeansicola


I have a lot of jewelry and the Jewelry Organizer held everything. I love having everything in one place.
– Catherine the jewelry queen


Been looking for this for years
I put organizer on my closet door & all my jewelry is at my fingertips. I’ve found stuff that I forgot I even owned.
– Mamaw Gina


Great use of space
First time in a long time, I have been able to see most of my jewelry.
– K-Sue


What a great organizer
I bought it for my daughter because she has so much jewelry (costume) and it is all over her bookcases, dresssers, etc. The room looks get and she can find what she wants fast,
– miss organized


Love It! Great organizer for jewelry! This is a great idea to keep jewelry organized and available. Much better to be able to see it vice having to open a jewelry cabinet! Awesome idea!
– Lisa


This is wonderful!!!
I would, and have recommended this product to alot of my friends, I love having my jewelry out of the chest and on the wall in my walk in closet! This holds more than 100 pair of earrings, dozens of necklaces, bracelets, rings and my cuff watches.
– Linda