The Longstem® Men’s Organizer Valet

The Men’s Organizer Valet by Longstem® can hang over the door or be mounted on the wall and is for men in need of organization. This over-the-door organizer can easily display all the typical male accessories at a glance. It provides 43 special purpose hooks for easy accessibility and organization for ties, belts, watches, rings, keys, loose change, cuff links, lapel pins, sunglasses, baseball caps, cell phones, chargers, etc.

It easily mounts on any wall, inside a closet or hangs over any door and secures with one screw (optional) under the tray. This (2) two-piece organizer includes two (2) over-the-door bracket mounts for hanging, two (2) wall mounts and includes screws and anchors.



Our organizer is beautifully crafted, made from the highest quality powder coated carbon steel and easy to install. We only use the best materials so our organizer is made to last.

Why We Love This

No one else offers more for the same price. Now you can see everything you need clearly and easily…rather than frantically searching through a cluttered closet or haphazard drawers.

Our Guarantee

Our organizers are covered by a 60 day warranty. If you aren’t completely satisfied we offer a no hassle return and easy exchanges, no questions asked.

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