The Review Stew blog writes:, “I recommend The Longstem Corner Jewelry Organizer for all women (or men!) that need a place to put their jewelry so it stops getting broken, tangled or lost! It is super easy to install, fits in any corner, and is easy to use so you WANT to use it!”

The What Mommy Wants blog says, “it was extremely easy to put the Longstem together and attach it to the wall. We are very pleased with the way it looks on Amber’s wall. It has definitely improved the clutter situation she had on her bookshelf and dresser!”

And Obviously Marvelous tells us, “my jewelry doesn’t even come close to filling up my Longstem organizer. However, it goes beyond any perfect solution that I could have ever dreamed of for my jewelry solution. I LOVE it! No more tangles, no more searching, no more hassle. Everything is neatly displayed in front of me! I know what I have and where it is. I certainly plan on filling this up over time and I already have my mom and sister drooling over wanting one too! Longstem products certainly make the list for my must haves!”

Plus Life By Design thinks, “If you enjoy wearing your jewelry and need a new option for organizing and displaying it, I would recommend this item! Several friends who have visited my home have noticed and commented on it. And we all have plenty of unused space behind doors in our home.”


YAY! This is one of the most functional items I have in my home! Every piece of jewelry is accessible, easy to arrange according to one’s own organization desires, and certainly a great-looking product, whether it’s on the back of a door inside the closet, or even displayed in a bedroom! Plenty of space…in fact, room for lots more jewelry! I’m going shopping! THANK YOU!!
– Sue

Love it!!
If you have as much jewelry as I do you need this organizer. Everything is where you can see and don’t have to go digging around in drawers to find what you want. With all your jewelry on it, it looks like a piece of artwork…
– organized clutter

Considering it? BUY IT!
This is beyond functional. Love, love, love it. Can’t think of a bad thing to say about it, well, okay one thing, it was hard to lift and put on the door – but only because I filled it first and then tried to lift it.
– Jeansicola

A great way to display your jewelry. I love being able to see all my jewelry at a glance instead of looking through drawers of a jewelry box. I forget what all I have if I can’t see it! I hung it on the back of my bedroom door and it’s out of the way until I need it. Great idea!
– Jewelry Lover

I purchased my organizer a few months ago…
and absolutely love it. I honestly don’t know how I survived without it. “Accessorizing” my life is some much easier because my pieces are well organized in a way that makes getting dressed exciting and fun!
Thanks – Lisa T.

It’s everything it says and more
I purchased the jewelry organizer for my granddaughter and she loves it. Not only does it make her jewelry organized and accessible, it also looks very attractive in her room. I might get one for myself.
– Mary the Neatnik

Awesome display
I purchased for my teenage daughter who has tons of jewelry, earrings, etc and it looks so pretty in her room as it adds color and design while displaying her colletion. I would recommend this highly!
– Connie

I can’t wait to start organizing my jewelry!!!… I have 3 or 4 jewelry boxes and I struggle to find pieces and when I do find them… they’re all tangled. I’m so glad that I found this
organizer! Oh and trust me I’m going to show it to all my girlfriends… I’m pretty sure they’ll consider getting one!! Thanks again….
– Gaby

Thanks again. I’m finally getting my jewelry organized after years of not knowing what’s stuck in the back of the dresser drawer.
– Leslie

Excellent Product!
I bought this as a gift for my teenage daughter and she loves it! She couldn’t wait until we put it on the wall. Now all of her jewelry is organized!
– Amy – Mom to Three

A friend saw mine and I ordered one for her as a gift. Now a neighbor wants one too. This is a great item and I have to tell you, you will discover jewelry items you had forgotten as you fill this up with your stuff from drawers, boxes, etc.
– Jeansicola

I have a lot of jewelry and the Jewelry Organizer held everything. I love having everything in one place.
– Catherine the jewelry queen

Been looking for this for years
I put organizer on my closet door & all my jewelry is at my fingertips. I’ve found stuff that I forgot I even owned.
– Mamaw Gina

Great use of space
First time in a long time, I have been able to see most of my jewelry.
– K-Sue

What a great organizer
I bought it for my daughter because she has so much jewelry (costume) and it is all over her bookcases, dresssers, etc. The room looks get and she can find what she wants fast,
– miss organized

Love It! Great organizer for jewelry! This is a great idea to keep jewelry organized and available. Much better to be able to see it vice having to open a jewelry cabinet! Awesome idea!
– Lisa

This is wonderful!!!
I would, and have recommended this product to alot of my friends, I love having my jewelry out of the chest and on the wall in my walk in closet! This holds more than 100 pair of earings, dozens of necklaces, bracelets, rings and my cuff watches.
– Linda

Great organizer
November 30, 2016
Phoenix, AZ, USA

This is just what I needed; puts all my jewelry in one place. I hung it on the wall by the dresser and everything is within reach. A bonus I didn’t know about from reading the reviews-there is a shelf above the earring organizer with 6 divided compartments for odd items that don’t really fit.. Yes, I recommend this product.

I Love this Thing!
November 13, 2016
Dover, DE, USA

I have brought 3 of these. They are pricey but they hold everything! All my jewelry fits perfectly. I brought 3 of these because every time I move my renters ask me if I will leave it. It is definitely worth the money if you have a lot of costume jewelry.

November 7, 2016
Maryland, USA

So so practical! You can see all your jewelry to make a great choice of what to wear. The company who created this is ingenious. They didn’t miss a beat when they created this design. There is a place for every kind of jewelry, including your rings. I just purchased another white one for my daughter …

Love it!
October 17, 2016
Vernon, TX

This jewelry organizer was everything that I had hoped for, with many spaces to hold every type of jewelry in my collection. Thumbs up!

Over the door jewelry organizer is GREAT!
October 16, 2016
Kennewick, WA

This purchase was a birthday gift for someone who admired mine. She loves the organizer as much as I do. Ordering online was fast and easy. The organizer was delivered exactly on time and when stated. Great …

Best jewelry organizer ever!
September 12, 2016
Lancaster, PA

I love this jewelry organizer. There is plenty of space for my 200+ jewelry pieces. And all are displayed so I can easily find what I’m looking for. It’s very versatile so you have plenty of options for storing your jewelry. I love that it can mount to the wall because I’m short and hanging it on ..

Finally found a way to display all my jewelry!
September 5, 2016
From Los Angeles, CA

This product is super cute and works really well with many different types of jewelry. It also has plenty of room!

Great organizer
August 29, 2016
Longmont, CO

I can finally see all my jewelry! However, the earring mesh doesn’t work with most of my earrings but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Great for my jewelry
August 22, 2016

Everything is in order and reachable except I wear clip on earrings and the tray is over my head when I use the organizer over the door. I have to remove the tray each time I choose earrings. For me if the tray was about 4 inches lower I could see my earrings without removing the tray. Otherwise it is fine. We live in a retirement apartment so I hesitate to put in on the wall which would solve the problem for me as too many people have access to our apartment. We trust them but don’t put things like this out in the open.

Great Product!
August 22, 2016
Houston, TX, USA

This jewelry organizer is amazing! I never write reviews and I had to write one for this product. I have been looking for YEARS for an item that would display my massive jewelry collection in an easily identifiable, easily accessible way–and this product does the trick. It can hold so much jewelry, ..

Great to have
August 12, 2016
Jacksonville, FL

This product was placed on a wall rather than over the door. It is sturdy and it holds a great deal of jewelry. I would recommend this product highly!

Best out there!
August 8, 2016

Plenty of space for everything, super cute and easy to hang!

Just what I needed!
August 8, 2016

This worked perfectly for organizing all of my necklaces and earrings. It looks nice but also remains hidden behind the closet door. Much better than the cluttered jewelry box I was using. Very happy!

Love this Jewelry organizer
July 25, 2016
Sun Prairie, WI

Works great for storing all of my earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Safe enough that when the door is opened or closed, nothing falls off. Plenty of storage. Even found some jewelry I thought I’d lost or forgotten about. It’s so nice to be able to see all of my jewelry in one place and easily see ..

Ringwood, NJ

Great. Jewelry shakes when you open and close the door that I hung it on. Would be best on a sliding door perhaps I’m very well organized now.

May 16, 2016
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Perfect for all my jewelry. hanging in my bedroom closet door. looks adorable

Best Jewelry Storage
May 3, 2016

Holds all my jewelry, chunky necklaces, earrings, watches etc. A place for everything.

Love it

April 4, 2016

Put the organizer on the inside of my closet door. Now I can easily find what I’m looking for. It’s great how much the organizer holds. Thinking of sending one to my mom for her birthday.

Exactly what I NEEDED for my jewelry!
February 29, 2016
Huntington Beach, CA, USA

This could not have been a better fit for what I need for my jewelry, especially for my necklaces! Thanks for coming up with the greatest idea ever and making it available!

Just what I needed!
February 29, 2016
Munster, IN, USA

Attractive, easy to assemble & great capacity. I have lots of costume jewelry, some vintage & some current. This product makes it easy to select pieces & coordinate them with my wardrobe. Love this product.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Exactly what I want
February 23, 2016
Park Rapids, MN 56470, USA

I have been looking for a good way to display a large quantity of necklaces, watches, bracelets and earrings. This hanger is the answer! Buy it, you’ll love it.

Great Product
February 23, 2016
Park Rapids, MN 56470, USA

I have looked for years for a better way of organizing my hand made costume jewelry. This organizer is the answer. I love it and would recommend it to anybody.

Love It
February 22, 2016
New Orleans

I have been looking for something like this for years. I needed to organize my jewelry especially my long necklaces. It does everything I needed it to do

Yes, I recommend this product.

Great Idea!
February 15, 2016
Clearwater, Fl

Hangs perfectly. Has lots of room to display everything. I wear more of my jewelry now that I can actually see what I have!

Yes, I recommend this product.

This is Fantastic!
February 15, 2016
Parker, CO, USA

This is the best jewelry organizer ever. I have had a jewelry armoire for years and have just outgrown it. This has all the room I need to store and see all of my jewelry at the same time. The one down side is that it is a little difficult to put the earrings into the mesh because you can’t see behind the it.

February 9, 2016
Clinton, TN, USA

Love this jewelry organizer, everything is so easy to find. Certainly recommend this item.

Over the door jewelry organizer
January 18, 2016

The organizer offers an amazing amount of space. If you don’t need that much space for jewelry the bottom hooks could be used for belts, scarf, or anything else needing a hook.

Totally love this
January 18, 2016
Clermont, FL, USA

This is the greatest jewelry organizer ever. It lets you see every piece of jewelry at the same time. Makes it so easy to coordinate with every outfit. Eliminates all that searching through drawers or boxes tucked in the back of a drawer. Saves lots of time!

January 11, 2016
Modesto, CA

Been looking for over a year. During that time, I was making due with items that were not made to house jewelry. There it was, what I’ve been not so patiently waiting for. Easy to set up and hang on my wall.

Love it!
January 11, 2016
Memphis, TN, USA

I love this item. It is easy to install and displays all my jewelry for easy access. I have already recommended it to a friend.

Love it!
December 29, 2015
Lancaster, SC

I had a jewelry box and needed something that would hold more and was much more organized. This is perfect!! I have told a lot of people about it.. Great purchase!

Great product
December 28, 2015
Chicago, IL, USA

Bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it! It is attractive, well constructed and can be conveniently be hung behind a closet or bathroom door.

Love it!
October 31, 2015
Corona, CA, USA


I just recently downsized my house and needed to organize my jewelry— I read the great reviews and decided for the price couldn’t go wrong giving it a try! – it is perfect hanging over my walk in closet door —-it looks nice and fits all of my jewelry with plenty of room to spare.

Love it!
October 27, 2015
Reno, NV, USA

I am thrilled with this jewelry organizer. It allows you to see everything you have. I hung it on the back of my closet door and it stays in place without using the hardware provided to screw it to the door. I was a little bit skeptical about the earring part. I thought it might be hard to hang but it was easier than I thought. Love it!

Love it
October 13, 2015
Finally I feel organized! Earring spot really best for posts and not wires or hoops. I already had another holder that works best for those so this is a good paring with that.


useful delight

August 10, 2015
Plainfield Illinois

This was the perfect solution when downsizing, inside my walk in closet makes it even better

Perfect on my closet door when I open it
August 10, 2015
Mitchellville, Md

I can now find my jewelry at the last minute and I don’t have to worry about trying to untangle it to wear it. Also I don’t come home and see the jewelry I should have worn with my outfit because it is there to see so easily. Although it hangs over the door it does not prevent the door from ..

Love it!
July 28, 2015
Pocatello, ID, USA

This over-the-door jewelry organizer is fabulous! It displays all of your jewelry and keeps it organized. Very easy to put together and very well made. Now I won’t forget about jewelry because it is hidden in a drawer or jewelry box!

Perfect in function and looks
June 23, 2015
Parker, CO, USA

This organizer works perfectly behind my bedroom door. I needed more space to see the jewelry I had. It makes getting dressed much easier in the mornings! I grouped the necklaces and bracelets by color, so it is quick to coordinate accessories with outfits.

Love this organizer! Just what I was looking for!
June 2, 2015
New Jersey, USA

I have many jewelry boxes and when I’m in a hurry I can’t remember which box to find things! Now my jewelry is all laid out hanging in front of me, neat and organized. I can pick what I want to wear quickly! More than enough hooks and space. There’s even a tray to put little things in like my extra backs to earrings and pins, etc.

Awesome organizer
June 1, 2015
Kingman, AZ, USA

Item is well made and very easy to assemble. It provides all of the storage shown in pictures on web page. Great piece.

love it

May 25, 2015
Saint Louis, MO, USA

Cute and useful…holds lots of jewelry. The tray is very nice added feature …earrings stay put in grid as well

April 7, 2015
Bloomington, IN, USA

Exactly what I wanted. One location for my many bracelets and longest necklaces. Hung it over the back of my walk-in closet door. It is the only jewelry organizer I have found which would accommodate bracelets, multiple necklaces and earrings. Very pleased with my purchase.

Jewelry Organizer
March 30, 2015
Niceville, Fl. USA

This product is easy to assemble and fits perfectly over a door. It displays the jewelry so it is easy to take it off when one wants to wear it.

Great organizer! Sturdy and easy to install!
March 16, 2015

This organizer provides plenty of storage space for jewelry. It can hold lots of weight and looks very nice and organized. I did have to add washers to the screws and also recommend adding a larger screw and a washer to the stabilizer screw at the bottom of the unit. Overall, it is a good unit.

Sturdy, useful organizer
March 16, 2015
Raleigh, NC

I am so glad I “upgraded” to this organizer (from one of those 2 sided quilted ones with plastic pockets that hang on a door)! Everything is soooo much easier to access and organize by color – I can see everything at once.

Wonderful product
March 10, 2015
New York, NY, USA

FANTABULOUS!!!!! I was able to assemble easily without the need for tools. That alone gave the product a 10 star rating for me. When the door has been hit none of my jewelry has fallen to the floor. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

March 9, 2015
New Jersey, USA


All my jewelry at my fingertips. I hung mine on the wall next to my mirror, so easy to pick the correct jewelry for my outfits.

Finally organized
March 2, 2015
New Jersey

This is a great organizer. It’s the most organized my jewelry has been in years. It fit my door well, too. Thanks so much.

This is perfect!
February 21, 2015
Port Republic, MD

I have a ridiculous amount of jewelry and was keeping it all in drawers, in a jewelry armoire, etc. and still didn’t have enough room. I also found that I wasn’t wearing a lot of it because when I couldn’t see it in front of me, I forgot what I had. I’ve looked for quite a while for the “ultimate” jewelry organizer!

Simple organization is what it’s all about!
February 2, 2015

This item is great for finding the jewelry piece you want quickly. Especially helpful in keeping chain necklaces orderly and untangled and earring pairs together.

Organized at Last!
January 26, 2015
Byron GA

I bought this Jewelry Organizer for my Mom and she loves it. She now has all of her jewelry in one place, easy to see, easy to find exactly the pieces she wants to wear.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Compact and perfect in closet
January 26, 2015
Horseshoe Bay

Fits perfectly in my closet. Beautiful in white, and is made very well. Holds a lot of pieces of jewelry – bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces. Great way to get organized!

Perfect for me
January 26, 2015
Port Republic, MD

I was so excited to get this. I had jewelry all over the place and this organizer helped me get it all in one place. I can see everything at a glance. Since I’m a short person, my husband hung it on the wall for me rather than having it hang over the door. So it was nice that it had the hardware for over the door and wall mounts.

January 26, 2015

This organizer accommodates all sizes of necklaces, bulky or delicate they are easy to locate and not tangled. Well worth the price.

Nice organizer
January 19, 2015

I really enjoy this! Its big so it has enough space for plenty jewelry and the over the door hanging feature is amazing! It takes up no extra space.

Holds a lot!
December 29, 2014
Orange County, CA, USA

I’ve been searching for something to store my jewelry for quite some time. This is great, except for one thing. I’m not quite sure why someone would want such a deep and fairly inaccessible tray. It’s useless to me. Otherwise, it’s great!

This is great!
December 15, 2014

Hung it on the back door. Displays all my jewelry so easy to find it and wearing it all!

Great to Organize
December 15, 2014
Dallas, TX, USA


This item is great to organize my jewelry in one place. Holds a lot of jewelry. My only negative comment is I wish the tray portion was on the bottom instead of middle as it makes it hard to see what I put there. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a lot of jewelry.

Exactly what I wanted!
December 8, 2014
Albuquerque, NM, USA


This jewelry organizer is perfect! I had been searching for an organizer that would allow me to hang necklaces, earrings and bracelets as well as store rings. Until I found this one, everything else was quite limited in what it allowed me to hang. I would have needed to buy multiple organizers for everything I own.