Founder Alison Albanese

Founder Alison Albanese

Hi, We’re Longstem

The Longstem patented jewelry organizer was invented in 2006 by Alison Albanese, a private investigator by training, who had long searched for a way to store and organize a lifetime of collected jewelry. After experimenting with jewelry boxes, pouches and other storage devices, she began experimenting with wire to devise an organizer that would make accessorizing easy and fun.

An idea took hold that would literally accommodate boxes full of jewelry and could hang on a closet door or wall, allowing for an entire collection to be viewed at a glance.

Our business was established with one goal in mind: to maximize efficiency in space utilization. We set out to solve a common problem; i.e. where men and women can see all their jewelry and accessories in a glance. The old jewelry box, pouches or drawers full of tangled jewelry just didn’t cut it. The result of many hours of designing and redesigning and finally coming up with the perfect solution, is now what we call the Longstem Door/Wall Jewelry Organizer. We continued this design philosophy and commitment to providing high quality, patented, innovative organizational products for men, women and the whole family, including your pet.

Longstem Organizers Inc.
380 E Main Street
Jefferson Valley, NY 10535
Tel.: 914-777-2174

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Our Approach

To deliver high quality, well thought out organizational products.


Four core values central to everything we do:

Organize and simplify. Elegant, functional, and simple to use

Quality comes first. Top quality materials and well thought out designs

Clear viewing allows you choose the perfect item for the occasion, then easily and quickly put it back with no fuss

Easy to use. If used over the door, installation requires no tools. Hardware for all mounting is included